Tierra Nueva Fine Cocoa . 1130 NW 159th Drive, Miami, Florida 33169 . Sales@tncruz.com . 786.364.4444


MIAMI, FL, January 28th, 2016. Tierra Nueva, is a local (Miami) chocolate factory. The company specializes in private label production as well as company owned and manufactured premium chocolate and coffee bars.

The SQF Code 7.2 Level 3 is the most stringent and highest level of certification awarded by SQFI, including both a comprehensive food safety program and a quality management system. SQF Level 3 Certification is achieved when a company demonstrates exceptional quality management and food safety practices. An independent certification body oversees the certification audit process. The third-party audit is conducted by a qualified auditor, who evaluates various aspects of the company’s food safety program and quality management system, including: personnel practices, facility maintenance and cleanliness, food defense plan, allergen program, Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) plans, employee training programs, and management commitment. With an audit score of 99 of 100,Tierra Nueva received a rating of “Excellent.”

The successful attainment of the SQF Level 3 Certification reinforces Tierra Nueva’s commitment to the high standards of quality service being provided to their customers since 2007

For more information about SQF certification and the standards necessary to become certified by the SQF institute, visit www.sqfi.com

Since launching in 2007 Tierra Nueva has made excellent strides.  Their new hot item Coffee Thin has been received with high remarks. Coffee Thin is a blend of 100% natural coffee with a creamy smooth feeling.  These sweet squares have the same bite and snap as a chocolate bar but with zero cocoa. Available with Eight O’ Clock® coffee and Krispy Kreme coffee as well.

Tierra Nueva is a privately owned company with a 42,000 sq ft facility in Miami Gardens.  The factory has the production capability of 720 million tons a month, which equates to about 8,640 million tons a year.


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