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Announcing our new Origins – Cruz 1879 Chocolate Line

We are proud to announce our new Cruz 1879 100g chocolate bars. Redesigning our Origin collection into a vibrant, colorful palette enabled us to modernize our chocolate line into a pop off the shelf item.  The Mesoamerican map on each bar highlights our cocoa bean origins which our family has cultivated for centuries. Our new line up includes Milk Sea Salt Caramel Almond, Milk Cafe Mocha, Dark with Quinoa, Dark with Chia Seeds and 70% and 85% Dark Chocolate.

While everyone describes their chocolate as creamy and smooth, we would like to say ours is no different. The additional feel to the taste buds would be our earthy cocoa nodes, giving that natural taste of chocolate that hasn’t been oversaturated with sugars and flavors.  The quinoa and chia are among our most popular and fills a need to the super food market, health conscious buyer.

With our witty comments on the back, our bars are humorous, fun and want to engage the consumer to relate and feel good about their purchase.

Our bars are available for purchase on our B2B Tierra Nueva site. Feel free to call us at 786-364-4444 or email us at Sales@tncruz.com as well.