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IMG_1802In 2001, the group started a new venture based on a chocolate processing and manufacturing equipment (new patent) and created a company named MELLER Equipments & Technology. The objective of this business is to sell revolutionary “turn key” chocolate factories for the Brazilian domestic market. In order to promote the international sales for the machinery and process, the German company NETZSCH was licensed. In five years, Meller installed twenty nine turn key chocolate factories.

In 2008, FLORESTA DO RIO DOCE was founded, another company that was added to the group structure to make the bean-to-bar concept real, by administrating farms as well as the quality cocoa beans crops and treatment, to generate fine chocolate at the end of the process, it is being certified Organic and Natural Cocoa farm and soon will be certified as Fair Trade.

In 2009, TIERRA NUEVA was founded as the TOP of this vertical flexible structured group, carrying 130 years of chocolate experience from the Cruz Family.  The main goal of TIERRA NUEVA is to assure quality in chocolate products by controlling all the steps from the bean to the bar, even the machines involved in the process are custom made by Tierra Nueva. TIERRA NUEVA is located in Miami USA and is focused on the production of Private Label Bars, Institutional items as well as Industrial chocolate besides Instant chocolate drink mix.

TIERRA NUEVA is a coffee and chocolate Technology company