Creating a Kind Culture

kind culture

Creating a Kind Culture

What is a kind culture? Well it is one where people have compassion for those less fortunate and the lack of caring is not as pervasive. It is also characterized by generosity, respect, and a willingness to extend help and support. I think that this is what separates a kind culture from other cultures. Let’s talk a little bit more about it and explore why it is so important.

One example of a kind culture would be the volunteer work done by foreigners in Third World countries – especially in Latin America and Asia. The kind culture exhibited in these places is almost a social norm, almost a cultural default. People are volunteering their time, their efforts, and their expertise – usually on things that they could care less about (such as helping people get an education) and yet are willing to do so because they believe in the principle of giving to others. This kind of culture is not necessarily “good” by any means, but it is certainly “better” than a society where people have a materialistic mindset and an utter disregard for the needs of others.

Another example would be volunteerism within the armed forces overseas. In the US volunteerism is a bit of a hot topic and most people have very negative opinions about it. However it is not nearly as prevalent as the kind culture demonstrated in Latin America and Asia. There is a certain admiration for soldiers that stems from being a part of an army that goes out into remote areas to make sure that people are safe. There is a genuine concern for the well being of the local population and a desire to contribute toward that.

A third example would be the medical field. A lot of doctors have been trained overseas and some of them choose to live in underdeveloped countries and practice medicine there for a while before setting up practice here. You can see the kind culture displayed in this example. There is a genuine concern for others and a genuine desire to give of your skills and talents. There is also a social aspect that comes with these kinds of practices and this is what helps make them so popular.

Finally, you have the military. One might consider this kind culture to be very bad or very good. The reality is somewhere in between. There is a genuine concern for soldiers that comes with a sense of honor and duty and a concern for others. It is often a mixture of all of these things but there is still a strong sense of what is right and what is wrong.

The examples listed above highlight just how important kind cultures are. They tend to rub off onto others and make them better as a result. This breeds a kind community that works together for a common purpose. In this respect, kind cultures are truly unique and a huge influence on world events.