Kind Culture

If we want to promote a kind culture then perhaps we need to understand the roots of our own kind culture. It is our cultural values that separate us from the kinds that have almost eroded away, and which are causing all kinds of trouble today. We can start by looking at ourselves. What kind of values do we hold in common?

kind culture

Most of us value different kinds of freedom and different kinds of material possessions. We believe that we are free to choose what kind of persons we are, and that those who are not like us cannot have the kind of life that we enjoy. Our whole way of thinking is based on our interpretation of how different cultures should behave.

A major part of our culture is the language we speak and the symbols we use. We all speak different languages and we use different kinds of symbols. Many of the things that we value most strongly in life are not valued in the least by other cultures. We often value things in life according to our own culture and not others. This can cause great problems in different kinds of relationships.

How do we know that we are a kind culture? What kind of behaviors do we have? What kinds of things do we value? There must be some kind of a test that can measure cultures. This can help us recognize what kinds of things we have in common and draw from these things to make our own culture. Unfortunately most of our own culture has been built on the different cultures of those before us and not on anything innate in our culture.

This means that a kind culture can be created, but it can only be created by recognizing and respecting the different cultures of our past and of the world in which we live. We can accept differences and learn to respect different cultures and their different ideas and practices. But this recognition and respect also needs to be accompanied by understanding and acceptance of our own beliefs and practices. We cannot be kind to everyone, only to ourselves, and in doing so we will create a kind of self-sabotaging effect where we reject those within ourselves who do not believe or practice the same things as ourselves.

We need to be kind to each other. We need to recognize the good in each other and then try to be kind to the world at large. In doing this, we will create a kind culture that will benefit all of us, both those within our kind and those outside of our kind. The kind culture that exists today is a product of many centuries of human history.