Raise Money and Help Out Kind Culture

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Raise Money and Help Out Kind Culture

Give a unique gift that helps to change a life! My Kind Culture is a unique, handcrafted, collectible, custom made doll. Each one is individually created by a highly detail and talented artist. These dolls are ideal gifts to give to children as a special surprise. They will not only be cherished for years but they will also be a source of pride for their lifelong recipient.

Give a gift which gives back! My Kind Culture dolls are soft, lovable fairy-like dolls which come with special tokens for kids to receive as a special random act of charity. Inside each pack are 10 randomly chosen tokens to give to any child who receives one as a kind, unassuming gift. So let s make the world a better place one kind deed at a time! Every kid who receives a My Kind Culture doll as a birthday or Christmas gift will feel like they have done something really good for somebody, and this could spur them on to find the kind of charity they want to help.

These are not ordinary dolls. Each one is hand painted, designed and sculpted by a highly talented artist. They are specially made so that kids will love them and get lots of joy out of playing with them, and by helping to alleviate some of the simplest kinds of needs around, by getting them access to cash to donate to charity. As each kind of charity selected is chosen by the recipient, you can see the expression on their faces as they see the dolls’ faces light up in recognition.

The dolls come with a voucher entitling the buyer to one off a set amount of vouchers entitling them to various different charities. There are also a number of gift certificates available. Each one is personalized with the name of the intended recipient. The voucher can be used to buy additional dolls or other stuff, as well as pay for the shipping of the gift pack. So all of the money you raise from the sale of these dolls goes towards helping out this one special charity. If you buy a set amount of dolls you will also be entitled to receive a gift voucher entitling you to another set of dolls.

All of the proceeds from the sale of these dolls go towards benefiting special projects of the charity. Some of these projects include fundraising walkways, planting trees, community gardens and playgrounds, and so much more. Any child who raises a tidy little sum for one of these projects can become entitled to receive a special present. And they will definitely appreciate the effort that you have put into coming up with a unique, fun, creative and personalised gift to make this Christmas season even more special for them.

If your child loves animals then this is a great gift! They will have the chance to show off what they’ve been able to do by raising money for a good cause. Help your child do their bit to help the charity by encouraging them to become a donor. There are some great choices available online; it’s just a matter of choosing the one that suits your child best!